Where to go in Greece: our 7 destinations.

Greece is full of beautiful places, crystal-clear beaches and enchanting landscapes. It is a popular destination for European tourists, but also for American, Asian or Australian tourists.

We at X-LH have selected the best luxury accommodation available in 7 destinations in Greece.

Here is what you need to know about these destinations:


The white island is located in the west of mainland Greece. It covers an area of more than 330 square kilometres and is connected to the mainland by a mobile bridge of about 50 metres in length. The island is full of fantastic golden beaches!
Along the east coast, the beaches are turquoise in colour, here you will find bays and coves where you can enjoy the shade of lush vegetation, while the west coast is characterised by crystal-clear blue waters, sandy beaches and impressive cliffs.
Lefkada is full of villas and luxury accommodation detached from the hustle and bustle of the city. Breathtaking villas that will make your holiday truly exclusive.
Take a look at our selection!


Paleros is a town that is part of Aetolia Acarnania and is about 30 km from the city of Lefkada. This beautiful town on the Ionian Sea is characterised by its enchanting atmosphere, nature, beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. An enchanting place where it is easy to find restaurants, bars and taverns and enjoy the authentic Greek atmosphere.
Paleros is also full of villas and apartments that stand out for their style, designed to meet guests needs, which is why we at X-LH have selected them for you!


The blue sea, colourful houses and picturesque streets make this place very special. Parga is located along the coast of Epirus and is characterised by sand and pebble beaches, lush nature and emerald green waters.
Every place in the town tells of its magnificent history marked by the presence of the Normans, the Ottomans and the Venetians. The castle of Parga, first destroyed by the Ottomans and then rebuilt in the 19th century by former ruler Ali Pacha, dominates the entire town and is a fascinating tourist destination open to the public. 

Who is Ali Pacha? Find out here!


When one thinks of Greece, one of the first destinations that come to mind is definitely Mykonos. Mykonos is part of the Cyclades archipelago. It is a popular destination especially for those who love social life, clubs and events. There are many elegant clubs, well-equipped beaches and luxurious restaurants, but that’s not all! Mykonos is also characterised by its typically Cycladic architecture; the history and culture of this place can be found everywhere on the island. The beaches on the south coast are the best equipped, while those on the north coast are the quietest. Mykonos is ideal for those who want a relaxing yet fun holiday! 

Discover our available accommodation in Mykonos!


The wild island, home of the sea turtle, is one of the Ionian Islands. Like Mykonos, it is ideal for those who love relaxation, the sea and nature, but also for those who want to live a mundane life. Sandy and pebbly beaches, blue sea where you can snorkel and a good number of sights such as the Blue Grotto, Navagio i.e. the wreck beach, the Keri Cave and the National Marine Park. It is a modern town, full of luxury accommodation and separate private villas for those who like to stay away from crowded places full of tourists, but it still retains its old charm, which can be found especially in the hinterland and in the small town of Bochiali, where you can admire the old Venetian castle.

Sparto Mainland Greece

A small town in the south of the Peloponnese, Sparto is not very crowded with tourists, making it the perfect destination for those who love history, hiking and also want to have a relaxing holiday. A place where you can finally connect with nature and the blue sea.

Agioi Theodoroi

12 km east of Corinth, Agioi Theodoroi is a very quiet seaside town, away from the crowds and distinguished by its warm blue waters of the Saronic Gulf. You cannot fail to spend a day at the famous ‘Pefkakia’ beach. A sandy beach that always maintains a cool temperature because it is sheltered by pine trees and tamarisk trees along the coast. The promenade of Agioi Theodoroi is full of clubs, restaurants and bars. A place full of history, archaeological sites, and houses from the Hellenistic period, it is ideal for those who want to rest and switch off.

Take a look at the villa we have selected for you!

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cape doukato lefkada

The legend of Capo Dukato Lefkada

About half an hour from Port Katsiki, along a scenic road, there is a place where time seems to stand still and where the view is spectacular. We are talking about Cape Dukato.

Cape Dukato
is located in the extreme south of the island of Lefkada, overlooking the sea, on a small promontory from which you can see the islands of Kefalonia and Ithaca and where the sunset is one of the most beautiful on the island. 
On the way to this place, as well as encountering numerous honey and thyme sellers, is the historic monastery of Agios Nikolaos.


The lighthouse:

The lighthouse of Cape Dukato was built during the 1970s on the ruins of a temple dedicated to Apollo, which collapsed in the 1950s due to an earthquake.
A picturesque and romantic place where nature reigns supreme and the atmosphere is full of mythology and legend.

The legend of Sappho:

Sappho was a poetess of great skill, originally from Eresos, a town on the island of Lesvos.
She composed many famous verses that made her the most famous poetess of all time.
Legend has it that the poetess took her own life by throwing herself off Cape Dukato because of the unrequited love of young Phion.
Phion was a fisherman from the island of Lesbos who, according to Ovid, was made young and beautiful by the goddess Aphrodite in exchange for free passage on her boat. 
Phion also fascinated the beautiful poetess who threw herself off the cliff into the beautiful sea of Lefkada.
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The 5 best beaches on the East Coast of Lefkada

Beaches on Lefkada east coast

In the previous articles on this blog, we have already talked about the wonderful island of Lefkada and the equally wonderful beaches on the west coast.
In this article, however, we are going to talk about the beaches that are on the east coast of Lefkada, which are mostly quiet and less crowded. 

Lygia Beach

Starting from the north of the island we find Lygia Beach. A quiet pebble beach shaded by beautiful eucalyptus trees with crystal-clear waters.
The beach is equipped so you can rent beach umbrellas and sunbeds. The best if you are on holiday with children and looking to relax.

Nikiana Beach

Nikiana beach is very wide so it is divided into two areas: you can take shelter in the area shaded by trees or choose to rent a beach umbrella and sun beds in the other area. 
The sand has medium to large pebbles, rich in vegetation and very brightly coloured. The waters of Nikiana beach are so clear that you can see many small fish swimming between your legs.

Pasa Beach

Descending southwards, immediately after Nikiana, is the small Pasa Beach
The sea here is always calm and it is highly recommended for snorkelling enthusiasts to visit this amazing beach. During the afternoon, the shade of the vegetation will shelter you from the sun and you can take a nice nap. 
From the beach you can admire Prinigponisa islets including Skorpios and Meganisi

Desimi Beach

A few kilometres after Nydri, there is Desimi Beach. A small but fantastic bay with crystal-clear sea and a pebble beach, overlooked by some pleasant tavernas and a bar. 
Desimi Beach is not equipped but the trees will shade you with their branches and leaves. Desimi has a picture postcard landscape and the sea is great for snorkelling, a canoe or pedalo ride to a small natural cave to discover its secrets.

Kamari Beach

Very close to Desimi beach, along a dirt but easily passable stretch of road, you will reach the hidden and little-visited Kamari Beach
Isolated and intimate, Kamari beach will seduce you with its splendid view and its sea of many shades of blue. 
Many people claim to have spotted dolphins here. 
Will it be true? You just have to find out!
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avali beach

The 5 Best Beaches on the West Coast of Lefkada

Lefkada is a magnificent island with spectacular beaches that attract visitors from all over the world every year. Whether you’re looking to relax or enjoy some water sports, you’re sure to find everything you’re looking for in Lefkada.

The 5 most beautiful beaches on the west coast

The west coast of Lefkada is the most visited by tourists because it undoubtedly has the largest and wildest beaches.


Here is our selection:

Pefkoulia Beach

Starting from the north-west of the island, we find Pefkoulia Beach

This is a very large pebble beach with crystal-clear water, located near a pine forest and almost never crowded. 

Here you can easily find a corner where you can lie down quietly and sunbathe. A beach that is divided into two parts: an equipped part, where you can find a bathing establishment with a bar and beach-umbrella rental, and another free and wild part

Easily accessible by car or bus.

pefkoulia beach

Kathisma Beach

Just an 11-minute drive from Pefkoulia Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island: Kathisma Beach

This beach is truly exceptional! An almost blindingly blue sea, clean and deep, it is usually rough but, if you are careful, you can swim and have fun in the waves.

Here you will find a part of free beach and also many bathing establishments offering bar and restaurant service. You can also rent your own beach-umbrella on the spot. 

If you love adventure and want to have a memorable experience, you can also go paragliding here. A professional team will take you up a mountain where the take-off point is located, and from there you will start flying. 

Guaranteed adrenaline rush!

kathisma beach lefkada

Megali Petra

A little further south, there is the characteristic beach of Megali Petra.

Distinguished by its giant stones on the shore and from which the beach takes its name. 

Megali Petra is a long, wild beach full of white pebbles that give the water a particularly turquoise colour. 

It is beautiful to watch the water rush against these rocks!

Not equipped, this little piece of paradise can be reached by car or bus.

megali petra lefkada

Egremni Beach

Bring high sun protection, sunglasses and a hat. To reach Egremni Beach you have to walk one kilometre from the car park and go down 400 steps.

We assure you that it is worth it. Egremni beach will leave you breathless!

Surrounded by vegetation-rich cliffs, wild, unequipped with sky-blue water and blinding white sand. It can also be reached by sea. 

If you are the adventurous type, you should visit Egremni!

egremni beach lefkada

Porto Katsiki Beach

Finally, to the southwest of the island is Porto Katsiki

One of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Lefkada surrounded by a rock barrier. Here, too, it is necessary to descend a few steps to reach the beach.

The beach is neither equipped nor serviced but, before you go down, there is a small bar where you can have a drink or a meal. 

Very picturesque, the beach at Porto Katsiki boasts a Caribbean sea and a white beach, resembling a natural swimming pool.

 It really is a sight not to be missed!

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