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Where to stay in Lefkada

The best places to stay if you are looking for privacy and relaxation If you are planning a trip to Lefkada or your honeymoon, you should know that Lefkada is the perfect destination to retreat and recharge your batteries. There are few but important differences between the east and west coasts of the island:   […]

Lefkada: from Coast to Coast

Lefkada is a magnificent Ionian island where unspoilt nature reigns supreme. The island is a true paradise: breathtaking landscapes, incredible beaches that are among the most beautiful in Europe and, last but not least, crystal-clear sea with a thousand shades of blue. 120 kilometres of embarrassingly beautiful coastline that can be described by dividing it […]

Where to go in Greece: our 7 destinations.

Greece is full of beautiful places, crystal-clear beaches and enchanting landscapes. It is a popular destination for European tourists, but also for American, Asian or Australian tourists. We at X-LH have selected the best luxury accommodation available in 7 destinations in Greece. Here is what you need to know about these destinations: Lefkada The white island is […]

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